Purchasing a Hilltown Community Farm Share now guarantees you fresh, local, healthy produce all season long!  Each share contains 5 items of produce, perfect for senior and small households. You get to choose the items in your share each week.  It's easy, fun, and delicious!

Each week the veggie van will stock over 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables based on what was harvested that week.  You can expect to see plenty of greens and summer squash in the early season, sweet corn and tomatoes in the middle, and potatoes, cabbage, and winter squash at the end of the season.

Examples of what you can select for your share:


1/2lb bag of salad greens
2 large cucumbers
1 bunch of scallions
3 summer squash
1 pint of blueberries

3 red tomatoes
2 yellow onions
1/2 lb bag of string beans
6 ears of sweet corn
4 Gala apples

The full value of your farm share is $180 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables from neighboring farms. Shares are available on a sliding scale based on income, from $0-20 per week. If you qualify for SNAP (food stamps) the cost will be fully reimbursed by the HIP program!

The share pickups are weekly for 12 weeks starting July 22-October 8. You can pickup your share at any of our market locations: Blandford, Cummington, Huntington or Worthington. 

Payment in full or first installments (via check or credit card) will be processed on June 30, 2021. If you are paying with SNAP, please bring your EBT card with you to the first market.  You may elect to have your benefits automatically deducted and reimbursed on a monthly basis by the HIP program. For more information about HIP please see or reach out to our Market Coordinator, Seva Water.

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