Clark Brothers Orchards
Contact: Naomi, Craig & Silas Clark
Address: 580 Apple Valley Rd Ashfield, MA, 01330
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Phone: 413-628-1515
About Us
We currently grow 25 varieties of apples from classics like Cortland and McIntosh to modern favorites such as HoneyCrisp, EverCrisp and Gala. In addition to apples we also grow 8 varieties of seedless table grapes. The unique microclimate, soil and ecology of Apple Valley produces some of the finest apples in the country.
We have also been long time practitioners of Integrated Pest Management or IPM. IPM is a series of guidelines for pest control that focuses on limiting environmental impacts and protecting biodiversity. In the spirit of sustainability we also generate more than 80% of our power through solar energy.
We are a 5 generation family farm growing apples in Apple Valley since 1886
Eco Apple Certified - learn more at
We use Integrated Pest Management.
We are Commonwealth Quality Program certified - which is a food safety certification.