Foxtrot Farm
Contact: Abby Ferla
Address: 1237 Baptist Corner Road Shelburne Falls, MA, 01370
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About Us
Foxtrot Herb Farm is a certified organic farm in Ashfield, MA that specializes in vibrant botanical herbs and climate-resilient foods. We offer a pre-order program and PYO membership for botanicals, and our Healing Foods CSA is for people who want to invest in climate resilient agriculture while still having fun with their food: we make it easy with DIY kits, an engaging and recipe-studded newsletter, on-farm workshops, and community building.

We love plants that walk the line between food and medicine— many of which are well suited for climate extremes like drought, flood, heat, and frost, and many of which are pollinator plants. Some of our favorite are greens like nettles, dandelion greens, and amaranth; flint corn; native fruits; and tomatillos.

Our DIY kits are meant to provide all the produce that you need to make one pantry or apothecary item with these foods. Like Blue Apron, but scrappier, hyper-local, and more ecologically sound, they are fun to do with the whole family!
Certified Organic and "human scale," meaning wherever possible, we utilize no-till methods and work to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, including plastic.